X4LABS Penis Extender: An Honest Review

As you browse through the reviews of many penis enlargement devices given by doctors and other experts you will notice the pattern how all of them suggest X4Labs and nod it as one of the top three systems for penis enlargement purpose. The product itself has been created by top medical professionals. The task is achieved with the help of device and an exercise program. Readers found this offer attractive because it offers them exercise with device helping them to achieve better results. 

Pros of X4Labs Device
  • The device will help to gain a good amount of penis size. It will also offer significant and guaranteed increase in your penis length and girth. If you desire the finest results, the instructions offered by the manufacturers are to be followed.
  • The product will be delivered free of cost and in good time. It will be discreetly delivered to you and with the distribution offices of X4Labs located in almost every corner of the world, the process will be very prompt. 
  • X4Labs system is widely acknowledged and endorsed by the medical community. With doctors from all over the world recommending it to their patients, the device is now considered as one of the top surgical penis extenders. 
  • The device will correct your penis curvature and is now also verified as a cure for Peyronie’s disease. 
  • The simple fact that X4Labs has been around in the market for past 16 years with a very successful track record only proves it that it has a significant lead over all its other competitors in the penis enhancement market. 

Cons of X4Labs System

  • Long durations of wearing the penis extender device are required. For achieving the best results it is mandatory to put the device for at least four hours every day over duration of two months at the least. This is not easy since most people are uncomfortable wearing these kinds of devices for a long time even when they have comfort straps. 
  • Cost: The device offered by X4Labs happens to be pretty expensive when put in comparison against other extenders being sold in market. For that reason it gets a bit difficult to own this device. 

If we talk about averages, our users have reported an average gain of 2-3 inches as they used the X4Labs system. The users also accepted that there sexual performance also had a boost. They also agreed upon the fact that their erections were bigger, harder, easily achieved and were more sustaining. Even our staff and the testers were all satisfied with the response of this system. The best news is the gain through X4Labs system being permanent. There was no report of any side-effects by the users. 

The case with X4Labs is that it could have been the best penis enlargement system for you had there been no SizeGenetics. This device shows an efficiency that equals SizeGenetics and it only because of some very minor and subtle details that we are giving the edge to SizeGenetics.