Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Physical Pleasure

Almost every man desires a bigger penis. This explains the numerous adverts and considerable attention given to anything that has to do with penis enlargement. Men want to increase both their penis lengths and girths. One of the greatest reasons for men desiring lengthier and fuller cocks originates from the need to impress their women in bed. The majority of women say that they are comfortable with the size of their partners. Don’t forget that a huge population of men are moderately sized. Only a few men have what one would call, REALLY LARGE COCKS.

Don’t be mistaken, though; in as much as women claim not to care about penis sizes, they actually prefer big penises because they offer more physical pleasure. Let us analyse how this actually happens.

During a sexual encounter, women come into contact with your dick on multiple levels. First and foremost, she loves to feel your cock in her hands. Yes, you read it right! She also loves to feel your dick- in the same way that you like to touch and feel her soft skin, wonderful curves that are in all the right places as well as her bottom. Wait, you must already have had the opportunity to cap her full and firm breasts in your arms. It feels incredibly sweet and pleasurable to feel her breasts- doing this will take any man to the moon and back.

Don’t be surprised when your woman wants to touch your body, all the way from your broad shoulders to that critical area between your legs. When she approaches down there, she expects to feel something hard and full. Clearly, the pleasure generated by holding and rubbing a bigger penis is very different from that of a small penis. A larger male member makes a woman more sexually aroused than a smaller one. What is more, playing around with a bigger cock stimulates the desire of a woman to have sex with you. It is true that even a small penis can stimulate a woman’s desire to have sex, but the intensity is less compared to when a woman touches and rubs a bigger dick.

Then there is oral sex. Some women, particularly those who don’t like the feel of a penis in their mouths prefer a small penis. However, women who love and enjoy oral sex gain more pleasure from a bigger penis. The bigger it is, the more pleasurable the moment is for them, as well as their partners.

Lastly, there is the most important part of a sexual encounter- penetration. This isn’t rocket science. A longer and thicker penis effortlessly gives a woman more physical pleasure before and during penetration. If you are adequately endowed, in terms of girth, you won’t have to worry about massaging the clitoris once you are inside her. Your penis base will continuously rub the clitoris as the penis head and the rest of the dick stimulates her other hotspots. You can imagine the intensity of the orgasm she can achieve in a single sexual encounter. Besides the magnitude of the orgasm, your woman also attains multiple orgasms.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a big dick, take advantage of sexual positions and styles that can make you a better lover. Additionally, just love and care for your woman- believe me, she will love and respect you, more than you can even imagine. It’s great to please her in bed, but it is equally important to treat her right.