Three Unlikely Male Sex Symbols Proving There’s Hope For The Average Joe

Ron Jeremy

Probably the most convincing example that the Average Joe can also hit the sexual jackpot is Ron Jeremy. A short, hairy and squat man who can’t be said to be especially well endowed, Ron has turned into a globally famous celebrity, producer and porn star. Having achieved this feat to enter mainstream media, now he is the accepted unofficial mascot representing the Average Guy.

It is estimated from his own records he had in excess of 4,000 sexual partners coming from 1,700 different movies. Ron makes an excellent illustration of the way a sub-Average man could achieve a lot with sufficient confidence and a streak of some cheek.

Lord Byron

Lord Byron who was born as George Gordon Byron, has very frequently been cited as a pioneering Romantic Movement writer. What most don’t really know are the many women who are said to have fallen under his conquest! Although no records have been kept officially, Byron was infamous for his bed exploits and is said by one report to have laid in excess of 250 women in one year in Venice alone.

The amazing thing is that Byron wasn’t strikingly that good looking while his private life was one composed of one drama after the other. He has been associated with relationships that were not right with a cousin as well as his own half sister. In addition, he is said to have been deep in debt, always living well beyond his income and was also entangled in an acrimonious divorce that made headlines with allegations of sodomy, incest and violence.

Nevertheless, despite all these dramas, Byron was a European sex symbol much sought after, credit t his poetic prowess and gift. If this poet could achieve such feats despite all that was happening in his private life, surely even the Average Joe has a chance too.

Umberto Billo

If the name Umberto Billo doesn’t ring a chord, worry not or feel bad. He probably is one of the least known sex idols in the history of sex symbols. He could as well might have gone through his entire life in obscurity had it not been for his extraordinary claims on the huge number of women he had taken to bed. It is said in the course of his known career of being a Las Vegas hotel porter Billo actually did assist in excess of 8,000 women with something beyond their bags. How could he achieve that? If the Casanova, himself is to be believed, he became lucky by simply asking each of the women he was assisting.

Therefore, as you go through various reviews on penis enlargement plus other male enhancement options, don’t lose heart. Have confidence in your own abilities, identify the type of women to woo the women and probably you’ll land yourself among the contenders for next unlikely sex idols list.