Natural Penis Enlargement Starter Exercises – Warming Up

Performing penis exercises is as healthy as your morning runs are for your heart. Apart from increasing the size of your manhood, they are generally good for your sexual health. However, penis exercises can only generate results if done appropriately. Although they are considered safe, they are also potentially dangerous if approached wrongly. For this reason, it is imperative that instructions are followed faithfully. One of these instructions has to do with warming up the penis before performing the penis enlargement exercises.

This critical element of penis enlargement exercise hasn’t been given the attention it deserves. Today, I plan to explain what penis warming is, its importance in a penis enlargement exercise routine, as well as how to perform them.

Importance of penis warm up

Before doing any penis enlargement exercise, a full penis warm up should be done. This important task prepares your penis for the stretching. It also helps to prevent possible injury. A dick that is fully warmed-up optimises the benefits of any penis enlargement exercise session. Typically, a warm-up entails warming the penis before any workout. The activity can be equated to the stretching done before running or weight lifting. It is designed to improve your penis gains and also, as already mentioned, leave minimal or no room for injuries.

Must I perform penis warm up? Yes, it is a crucial task before performing all the penis exercises – except the Kegels. This type of exercise is exempted to the rule since no exercises are actually involved on the penis. The Kegels usually exercise the pelvic floor muscles found at the penis base.

How to heat up the penis

There are various types of penis warm-up exercises. A warm up is said to be good if it comprises the application of moist heat to the cock. This can be done in a number of ways. Here, I explain the three most famous ones. They include:

  • A hot piece of cloth

  • A moist heating pad

  • Infrared lamp

Let us look at each of these activities briefly.

  • Infrared heat lamp: They are utilised in the medical industry in various ways. The infrared usually penetrate the skin and consequently, heating up the penile tissues. As such, it is an effective method of warming up the penis. You just have to be careful to avoid burning yourself. Also, ensure to protect adequately your testicles from the heat.

  • A warm piece of cloth: This one is the simplest as well as the most convenient warm-up exercise. Unfortunately, it isn’t as effective as the other methods – since it’s impossible to retain the heat sufficiently long. Besides, the piece of cloth turns cold or lukewarm within a few minutes of use. Warm washcloths are only encouraged in the absence of other options.

  • Moist heating pad: It is a very powerful method of warming up the penis. You will find them in almost any department store and they aren’t expensive. The instructions for use may vary from one brand to another.