Comparing Gorillas And Chimpanzees Proves... That Women Prefer Big Penises... And Big Ejaculations!

Several research studies, such as the one conducted by UCLA revealed that women don’t really care about the penis size. However, time and time again, a good number of people have termed women as hypocritical. There aren’t enough words to convince men that women don’t give a damn about penis size. This explains why there are so many men who are under various penis enlargement programs. Their primary objective is to gain a couple more inches to please their women.

A comparison of Gorillas and Chimpanzees has been used here to prove that women have a particular preference for bigger cocks and big ejaculations. We look at the size of the penises, the testes as well as their sexual behaviours to show that women actually prefer not only big penises but also big ejaculations. The two closest evolutionary cousins of the humans are chimpanzees and gorillas. Nevertheless, they have different patterns of social organisation and sexual behaviour compared to the humans. For instance, the gorillas practice what is popularly known as female defense polygyny. This is a social structure where one male gorilla guards a harem of females. On the other hand, the chimpanzees usually band together in multi-female and multi-male groups.

Whenever female chimpanzees are ovulating, they mate with any unrelated male in spite of the attempts of the dominant male to control access. A primatologist took the time to observe the sexual behaviour of one of the female chimpanzees. Apparently, the female mated with seven males for 84 times in just eight days. This sexual behaviour considerably reduces the chances of a given male impregnating the female. What does this mean for the male chimpanzees? It means that the male chimpanzees must deliver huge volumes of semen to beat the competition. Conception occurs after a rigorous competition between rival males in the reproductive tract. It is for this reason that chimpanzees have large testicles. This gives them the ability to ejaculate high volumes of sperms several times in a day.

What about gorillas? They have small testicles about their body size. This is largely because the reigning gorilla is able to stop other male gorillas from copulating with his troop. In that case, the sperm ejaculated only needs to be fertilised for conception to occur. There is no competition like is usually the case with the chimpanzees.

The difference between the chimpanzees and gorillas reveals a very interesting way through which we can gauge humans. The testicles of human males are significantly smaller than those of the chimpanzees, but bigger than the gorillas – with respect to his body size. The same thing happens when it comes to semen competition. Human females are naturally promiscuous; although not as much as the chimpanzees. It is, therefore, important for the man to produce significant volumes of sperm and compete fairly.

Humans have the longest and thickest penis compared to the two primates. On the other hand, the chimpanzees come second with the gorillas having the smallest penis. The aspect of pleasure is more apparent in the human kingdom than in the animal kingdom. The bigger testes ensure that large volumes of sperms are deposited in the woman reproductive tract. On the other hand, longer and thicker penises are preferred for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

To this end, we can confidently conclude that women prefer bigger cocks and large ejaculations.